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Nilesh Nirale

Global City, Virar West, Maharashtra, India
Nilesh Nirale

About Myself

Welcome to my personal website i.e. WordPress powered   This site will give you more information about me, computer technology, general information and product reviews. I made this site easy to navigate.
I am Nilesh Nirale a specialist in computer technology. To be precise I am an IT professional with specialization in IT  project management and service delivery.
My Sun sign is Aries which makes my personality fiery, warm and passionate. My ambition in life is to get success in whatever I am doing. Kabalarians has following written for my name Nilesh.
Although the name Nilesh creates an active mind and a restless urge to explore new ideas.
My Biography
School was something I did well. My first college degree was  B.A. in Arts with major in psychology and commerce from Mumbai University. I completed my electronics diploma at multipurpose education society, Mumbai. I have also completed my diploma in business management from NMIMS, Mumbai.
My first computer was Casio PB100. This was the computer on which i learnt to program in basic. Later on I got my first PC as a gift given by my dad. It was a x386. This was a turning point in my life. I learnt to the internals of computer on this PC. I used this computer with my old modem which had speed of 9600. I used to surf web with lynx. Later on I upgraded to 486, p3, mad Athlon XP, intel 3ghz with HT support an now I use laptop.
Computers and internet have played a very important part in my life. I met my wife Jenny on internet through matrimonial portal. Surfing matrimonial website gave me her more contact details and we became close day by day through email chat.  We used to be in touch with each other on mails and telephone and we got married on 20th Jan 2005. That’s why my favourite move is You have got mail. My Hobbies include listening to music, playing computer and TV games, chatting and making friends, photography and designing websites.
My Professional job and work Profile is available on the LinkedIn website. I read all mails and also try to reply all mails. On this website you will find information related to internet business and computer technology. You will find important resources.
I hope you will find the information on this website valuable.
Please do let me know your comments.